FA18_ARCH 571_Syllabus

This lecture course is the first in a series of four architectural practice courses in the professional architecture program.

The relationship between architecture and politics is shaped by the development and implementation of regulations, standards, and codes. This relationship affects the way cites have been shaped as well as the legal framework under which architects practice. Arch 571 explores a diverse historical and cultural framework directed at examining the role of regulations in architecture.

Weekly lectures and discussions weave through one or more of the criteria outlined in the three columns below. Each weekly thread is presented in the context of regulatory documents, such as, Vitruvius’ Ten Books on Architecture, Durand’s Precis and the International Building Code. These documents are paired with a limited set of building types, such as, the Factory, Stadium, and Prison. Each document and building type is examined by focusing on “The Wall” as a primary regulatory architectural element.

Through readings and lectures, seemingly unrelated content is put into conversation as a way to learn about the complex history of regulations and their contemporary effects on Cities, Buildings, and the Profession.

181012_FA18_Arch 571_Meeting Minutes.xlsx